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SM Accessories hat

Kenzo sunnies

Vanity Street top

Heart Factory bracelets

Joifeth skirt/ bag

Crocs flats

My first day in Paris is just unbelievable. I went on a family vacation a few weeks ago and just couldn’t stop taking photos when I arrived. Everything was so beautiful- the trees, the buildings, the way the people dressed… Everything. I was so inspired. I took a lot of photos for you guys to see, but for now, here’s what I wore on my first day in Paris. I wanted to wear stripes and thought of wearing thin and thick stripes together to create this ensemble. To be honest, I googled the weather and knew it was going to be hot, but I didn’t expect it was going to be hot hot. Layering clothes is impossible as the weather was around 29-32 degrees! This skirt from Joifeth was the perfect piece to make to the look extraordinary. For some reason, this skirt is effortlessly chic and I think it’s pretty obvious. It accentuates the waist and makes you look thinner, don’t you think? It also has a youthful vibe to it, probably because skater skirts are in demand right now. I ended up wearing this mini transparent clutch from Joifeth so I won’t have to worry about carrying a heavy bag if what I’ll really be needing is just a wallet, phone and probably a lip balm the entire time. It’s so handy to bring small bags every time you travel so you’ll be hassle free all day. Plus, I didn’t wear a lot of accessories so I can move freely- these Heart Factory bracelets got the job done! And can I just say, when I saw the Eiffel tower from afar, I couldn’t stop staring at it. It’s breath taking. I can’t wait to show you guys more photos!!!

Oh, and good news, if you want to buy from Joifeth, you can just put “lau8″ on the discount coupon for 8% off on your purchase! Something they want to give to my readers. Try checking out their Facebook page and Instagram too. BMS.

Photos by: Vince Uy


    1. Hazel Joy Jimenez

      awwww.. paris is so beautiful.. hope to see more of paris and more of your outfits..

    2. Rachel ibañez

      Paris♥ One of my dream places to be! thanks for this post, I feel like I am at paris too~~~ ♥

    3. chen

      Im super excited to see your photos in paris ms. Lau :) pls post more. By the way, i love the skirt! :) as always you are gorgeous :)

    4. April Rose Pulusan

      OMG! PARIS ❤ my dream place!! I love Paris too and I love you ate laur! HAHAHAHAHA missyou! See you soon!

    5. IngRid

      I love you blog! BeeN visiTing it for months now and I noticed thAt the quality of your photos gets better and betTer. I was just wondering, if you don’t mind sharing, what do you use for editing Them? They look really great! I would really appreciate it. ☺❤ thank you!

    6. Gwyneth Rica

      Ohmygosh! Youre very lucky Miss Laureen! Hope to see more pictures from paris <3 You never failed to make me amaze =))

    7. Ericka buita

      it is you ms. laureen who have inspired me in doing my blog and having photoshoots. :) i love you blog. and would you not mind asking if what theme are you using?

    8. Julia cruz

      Hi Lau, You are my inspiration wHen it comes to fashion. You and your sister lIZ are so classy. God bless YoU and your faMily. :)

    9. Jomel Cruz

      Love your bracelets esp. the thick gold bangle with stones. Is it from heart factory? is their store located in the Phils.?

    10. jean terol


    11. Nessa

      Hi Laureen, im going to paris in a month and i was just wondering where this exact spot is? Lovely photos as always!