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Georgina Sasha sunnies

Vero Moda sweater

Naked Sun Swimwear bikini

Belleza tote


Some of the reasons why I love the beach: you don’t have to put make up on (well, probably just cheek and lip tint) and your luggage is so spacious because all you need to bring are bikinis, sandals and cover ups (except if you bring all your options with you). I always bring an extra bikini with me just in case of an emergency and it’s always this one from Naked Sun Swimwear. Black seems to be my safest color and this one is such a beauty. I’m a maximalist in every way when it comes to print, style and design, that’s why I find myself so amused to find this pair of bikini a favorite of mine. I guess it’s simply beautiful and the gold buckles still make it look stunning. Since I knew we were going to be out the whole day, I brought my huge tote from Belleza so I can bring everything I need with me- better to be safe than sorry! This bag is amazingly light and handy. I can use it in the gym too- plus I can tell it’s mine from afar since my initials are on the bag.  True enough, we stayed until after dinner and I got to wear my sweater for that snug/ cozy feeling. What a nice way to end the day. BMS.


    1. claire

      hi Ate laureen! I like you a lot. Seems like anything fitS so Perfectly To you. hottie. ☺️ Girl cRush

    2. ianne

      stunning!! bagay na bagay po sa inyo ang black :) pero kahit na anong color naman po sa inyo ate laureen, bagay ee. hehehe. i’m just wondering, may photographer po ba kayong kasama? hehehe. <3


      i super love your style and your photography <3 great shots! do you spend much time on photoshopping them too?
      - aspiring photographer

    4. Thereselicious

      hi ate laureen. i really admire you a lot. one thing is that you really know what to wear and swear they look perfect in you. i really love love love you’re fashion sense. i really love to follow in you’re footsteps when i’m older. i really love to travel the world. you’re captions are actually a good influence in me. since i started visiting this site i also found myself speaking and being fun of english more often. i also became more interested in traveling. i swear will be one of my favorite websites.

    5. Jenny Uy

      Hello ate :) i’ve been following your blog and ate liz too :)
      i’m the one who first ask you in your magic 89.9 radio interview(dunno if ur still remember :P ) about how to start blogging. do you have a blog po where i help me para macheck yung suit na bathing suit for me :P haha sorry for the long message,, i really love your blog! :* XOXO

      • Laureen Uy

        Thanks for visiting my blog xx

        Daming websites for swimsuits, check also my IG account if you want!