Break My Style | Infinity










H&M hat

I.M. Presa infinity scarf

H&M top

Mulberry bag

Zara shorts

Topshop sandals

When it comes to  traveling, I’d like to think I’m a smart packer. I don’t just pack everything with me- I usually plan most of my outfits ahead and bring 4-5 extra pieces of clothing in case there’s an emergency. When I go on a trip, one thing’s for sure: I always bring a scarf with me, and in this case, thank goodness for this infinity scarf from I.M. Presa. Notice how different I used it in the shots? You can wear it in so many ways, even make it a cover up top and a blanket while you’re inside the plane. It’s so light to bring and comfy to use too! Circle shawls are my secret so I won’t feel too chilly in the airport and still look dressy at the same time. I got it in gray so even if I’m wearing an all black apparel, there would still be another shade of color. I wore this while interviewing the artists because the room was so cold! And now, I can’t wait to show you guys what happened during World Stage Malaysia 2014! Woot! BMS.

Photos by: Sean Go


    1. Junea

      I so love this idea of yours, Laureen. I love wearing scarf as well ‘coz i’m also “ginawin” like you. Hehe. Can’t wait for your next posts! You deserve everything that you’re getting right now. :)