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In The Morning

(SM Accessories necklace, Ministry of Retail jumpsuit, Casio watch, House of Luxe starfish bracelet, Alexander Mcqueen belt, Forever 21 heels)

Okay, this was a very “ngarag” day for me. I had a very early call time for a shoot and an event right after… All in the morning. Yes, smokey eyes at 9am haha! Actually, the make up really looked fresh on the monitor. Anyway, I attended the launch for Sony Xperia and had to demonstrate that it’s water resistant by dipping it in an aquarium. Cool right? Since I’m a brand ambassador for the phone, I wanted to wear something very elegant but still appropriate for daytime. I wore this exquisite jumpsuit from Ministry of Retail to keep myself looking classy. Rather than casually wearing a watch for display, I really had to keep track of time so throughout the whole day. I decided to wear my vintage watch because unlike other watches I’ve previously owned, this watch is¬†remarkably¬†light and works well matching the rest of my accessories. BMS.