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Beatrice B apparel

Celine bag

Casio watch

Gianvito Rossi heels

I usually go for colors white and beige if I want to look sophisticated. I had a few meetings to attend this day and opted to look a bit corporate without really dressing corporate (if you get what I mean). This co-ords from Beatrice B is probably one of my favorite pieces in my closet because you can instantly look and feel like a superwoman who’s ready for the world! You know you have to wear the right clothes for the right occasion so you can feel confident the entire day- that’s how I felt when I wore this look to my event and meetings. You can wear it together or separately and you’ll still look awesome. BMS. 

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    1. NEECEE

      Hey pretty lau! I’m back! sensya na, i always read your blogs but don’t have time to comment since i’m reading it at the office (office sneaker, remember? =) ) anyways, i love the color of your hair here, fit for our color, #proudtobeMorena! been enjoying scrolling & reading your blogs & consider me as an avid FAN, ofcourse! stay gorgeous & thanks for sharing your life with us. #philippineAllTimeFashionista!

    2. camillekho

      I love everything about you, i was inspired by you in writing a blogs but i started it with my POV. :) hope you read it too

    3. Anonymous

      Dont like the bag… Looks like your holding a mini washing machine lol! Doesnt go with the look! A simPle wHiTe handbag will do!

    4. Deshala

      Hi laUreen, i love your page. Especia lly your inStagram. It looks simple But classy. Thats why i would like to ask your advice. Because im planning to bUy a luxury. But i wanted to buy those useful and hence look classy. And i want those brands that it wont diffreciate so easIly.
      I hope you can help me. Thanks!!!