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I’m Bringing Sexy Back









Balmain sunnies

Romwe necklace

Latin Clothing Co dress

Celine bag

Shoes by Kai flats

When I started packing up for Paris, there were a lot of things that played on my mind. I knew it was going to be hot but I took my chances and brought jackets and sweaters still. Mejo flop kasi there were only a few days that were breezy. But like what they say, better to be safe than sorry! One thing good about how I packed was I anticipated the weather and what could happen if it was going to be cold and hot. Regardless what the weather may be, the most important thing to remember is to wear what is flattering to me. I also noticed that Parisians are very fashionable and timeless when it comes to style. Above all, Parisians wear styles that complement their body type. So good thing I chose to bring this lovely backless one piece from Latin Clothing Co with me. It’s so comfortable you won’t have a hard time moving all day- it’s perfect for traveling! The cutouts on the back really helped a lot too, since all we did was walk and shop in Paris. Most of the people were sweating a lot but I stayed cool in my get up. I wanted to make the look a bit more colorful so I chose to wear this pair of awesome flats from Shoes By Kai. They’re unbelievably perfect for my feet! I think it’s because of the fabric and design that made it extra comfortable. Talk about having a relaxing look for a touristy-mode person! BMS.

Photos by: Vince Uy


    1. AARON

      its Really awesome how every time i visit your blog there will be a new update. Enjoy your stay in Paris! Hoping for some pictures at the EIFFEL Tower.

    2. Hazel Joy Jimenez

      what a really cool dress.. so sexy, fun and girly.., just wondering what is the perfect undergarment for this type of dress? thanks ^__^


      Paris always means quality of life. You are very pretty in this landscape. enjoy.

    4. christine sta. maria

      ohhhh i really love the top :”> It was pretty nice. forever gorgeous ate laureen <3

    5. krixz

      hi ms. laureen I’m such A big FAN OF YOURS in the fashion industry wish to meet you someday !:)) YOUr SO BEAUTIFUL WITH YOUR OUTFIT , AS WELL AS THE BACKROUND OF PARIS ,I LOVE IT ,I AM REALLY A FAN OF YOURS<3!