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I’m a Barbie Girl










Moschino sweater

Zara jacket

Alexander Wang bag

Topshop jeans

Alexander Wang heels

I’m usually more comfortable wearing pieces that aren’t too girly like jeans, tees, denim rompers, sweaters, etc. This look, however, is a mix of feminine and masculine. Even if the ensemble incorporated the girliest color (which is pink), it still looked a bit rough when paired with a leather jacket tied on my waist. I wore this during the last day of Digital Fashion Week in Singapore. I already spotted this pretty area filled flowers from afar and knew it would be a nice location to shot to balance my edgy look. BMS.


    1. NEECEE

      Your spotted area coincides w/ the pinkness of your top. Why so brilliant in mixing stuffs that produce AWESOME & UNIQUE OOTDs??? I just really LOVE how you mix & match your outfits! Love everything about it & all your IG posts too! Hope to MEET you soon Pretty Lady =)

    2. Justine Ann

      Hi Ate! Can i just ask po when will you be at Metrotent, Metrowalk? Full three days po ba o isang araw lang? Hoping po kasi to see you there. :)

    3. alyssa

      Ba’t ang perfect lahat tingnan pag ikaw ang nag we-wear :< You know, I'M SO WILLING TO RECEIVE ANY OF YOUR OLD CLOTHES :<

    4. Danielle lizan zambrano

      you’re my forever fave! you’re the reason why i even started liking fashion. I met you’re sister na but I’ve always wanted to meet you I went to where you were when you were in Davao but I always ended up not catching up to you.