Break My Style | IG and LB Style

IG and LB Style

 Just my luck- I had an important shoot this day and the battery of my camera decides to die just when the shoot was about to start. To top it off, I haven’t taken my outfit shot yet… #bloggerproblems hahaha but instead of being sad, I kept optimistic and chose to take my look using my phone. 
(SM Accessories necklace/ bangles, Primadonna top, SM GTW striped dress, Alexander Mcqueen belt, Crocs shoes)

I was also lucky enough that our photographer Dix Perez was kind enough to take a photo of me using his camera. Thanks Dix! I decided to wear a sheer top under my striped dress for the subtle effect of the dress peeping out of my top. And because it was a 6-hour shoot, I wore these basic black flats so I’ll be comfy and it’ll be easy for me to change shoes for the pictorial. I can’t wait to show you guys the final layout of the shoot- it was my first time getting wet for a shoot! Ibang level ang theme and peg! BMS.