Break My Style | I Want Candie’s

I Want Candie’s

 Maxene Magalona brightens up everyone’s mood.
Look at all the people! 
 In my very colorful attire. I chose the outfit and my theme was “Tribal Neon.”
 Flower Power by Camille Co.
 I wish I knew how to skate. All the skaters were so good and coordinated.
 Loved the set!
 Elmo Magalona sang. As usual, the crowd went wild!
 Princess of the night: Maxene Magalona.
 My tribal football gear. Haha.
I swear the show was very Victoria Secret-ish. I loved all the outfits of the models!
Everyone was so energetic and lovely. To everyone who watched, I hope you enjoyed the show. BMS.


    1. fashioneggpplant

      my favorite pair of shoes back in high school were ginormous, black candie’s clogs. i loved them to death, do they have any plans of launching their shoe line here? :)