Break My Style | Hello Ho Chi Minh!

Hello Ho Chi Minh!









hat from Hong Kong

Rayban glasses

Dolce and Gabbana bag

Clover Canyon skirt

Fit Flop sandals

Before going to Vietnam, I had a totally different view of the city and its culture. Everything completely changed the moment I landed in Ho Chi Minh city. I flew there for Fit Flop’s SS16 launch collection and had some free time to go around this new city. I love that they have so many quaint cafes, beautiful temples and cool clubs. Since it was my first time here, I knew I had to wear something breezy and comfortable, that why I chose this apparel paired with my Fit Flop sandals. Their new collection is amazing and I’ll tell you more about it on my following posts so stay tuned!

Btw, I’m currently stuck in London (not that I’m complaining haha) because my flight got cancelled last minute. I’m making the most of my time by blogging and checking new things online. Will probably make a vlog entry about the items I found online soon. BMS. 


    1. Fads

      I always love your outfit, Lau. Fit flops sounds such an amazing brand, definitely gonna check it out because omg that gold strap.
      Love, Fads