Break My Style | Hearts Day

Hearts Day

LuisaViaRoma JW Anderson pierce bag 1

LuisaViaRoma JW Anderson pierce bag 2

LuisaViaRoma JW Anderson pierce bag 3

LuisaViaRoma JW Anderson pierce bag 4

LuisaViaRoma JW Anderson pierce bag 5

NAKD earrings

Vain Glorious You dress

J.W. Anderson bag from LuisaViaRoma

Celine shoes

It only takes a very special and romantic day (and this J.W. Anderson bag that I’ve always wanted) to make me dress extra feminine. Today I’m going to keep my sneakers, hide my boyish clothes and wear this amazing dress instead for my special date with the boyfie. I’ve always had dark/bold coloured bags and have been wanting a softer palette- that’s why I literally screamed when I saw this powder pink pierce bag from Luisa Via Roma. My nightly routine really is browsing through online shops and LVR has been one of my favourite websites because they offer amazing pieces I don’t normally see elsewhere. They already have some of the SS17 collection for pre-order! I told myself that this would be the perfect bag to use on Valentines— and it is. This month is definitely going to be filled with love, fun, and fashion. BMS. 


    1. Jullia Mabingnay

      As always you look very STUnning! Hope you enjoyed yoir date!! Hv laur!❤ love your bag girl!!

    2. Glaiza Tacusalme

      Nakakamiss ang mga feminine look mo Ate Lau! Perf for special dates. Belated Happy Valentines <3