Break My Style | Hearts and Studs

Hearts and Studs

(H&M hat, Island Girl necklace/ bangle, Lemon Shop top, Marc Jacobs bag, Trunk Show shorts, Primaluxe shoes)

It was a very windy day in Hong Kong. A VERY windy day. I just had to repeat it, kaloka kasi yung weather! It didn’t stop me from taking an outfit shot though. I went to the top floor of IFC mall and took my photos there. It just stopped raining and I didn’t know if it was gonna rain again so I wore a hat to protect me from the rain. To make this casual look a little bit different, I wore a mullet top (as usual) and paired it with very cute printed shorts. But the highlight of this look is actually my very comfortable Primaluxe flats. If you look at it, you might think it’s painful because of the studs, but it’s super not! I was so shocked when I tried it on because they’re EXTRA snug. I think it’s because of the blue suede fabric that makes it super relaxing to wear. I was sooo ready to attack IFC mall! BMS.