Break My Style | Hafa Adai

Hafa Adai










Rayban sunnies

Twinsies Shop top/ shorts

Timex watch

Rafe bag

Giuseppe Zanotti flats

Hello Guam! I’ve missed you! The last time I went to Guam was late 2011 and it was for Guam Visitors Bureau. Now I’m back with a goal- to just relax and have fun with my family! We spent the holidays there and it was really funny because I got so many comments on my Instagram beach posts like “it’s snowing in my country” or “it’s freezing cold here” hahaha. what can I say, I love the beach! It’s really easy packing when you know you’re going to an island because: 1. You know it’s hot so all you need are tank tops, shorts, bikinis, etc. and 2. You don’t have to pack all these winter jackets that will cause your luggage to be overweight. I wore this beautiful apparel from Twinsies Shop. I love my top because the cut is just right for my high waist shorts. The print is also very funky! My sailor shorts are very comfy too- and you know they’ll never go out of style. I can wear it during the day and when I’m at the beach wearing a bikini top! Another thing I always bring when I’m traveling is a watch- and I’m so happy I got this Timex watch a few days before I left for Guam. Love it! BMS.

By the way, my dad took my photos!!! What you say?! Thanks daddy-o!


    1. Kei Carlos

      Super hilig mo sa mga unique shoes. Very scene-stealer! Very Laureen! Aaand, I bought your silver oxfords last BFAS! Ang ganda e haha!

    2. Glaiza Tacusalme

      Now I know where you and your sibling got your talents in fashion photography. Haha! It’s really cute when your dad took your photos. Love it Ate Laur :*