Break My Style | Greater Good + Gawad Kalinga

Greater Good + Gawad Kalinga

With the Co-owner of Greater Good, Michael Concepcion. Cute huh?
(Greater Good shirt, Zara TRF shorts, H&M boots)
Greater Good, a clothing brand that I totally love, tied up with Bayan Anihan/ Gawad Kalinga Farm Build. We all spent the day at Tiaong Quezon (a 2-3 hour drive from where we all live) to help in the building of a farm for children. When we arrived, they were all excited to see us- really warms the heart. Michael Concepcion, a co-owner of Greater Good, did a fantastic job. Not only were we able to help them, but we all had a great time in the process. There was dancing, playing and laughing all throughout the day. 
I really loved how soft and comfy the shirt was while we were working hard under the scorching sun. The design of course is no doubt wonderful. Congratulations Mike!