Break My Style | Graduation Day

Graduation Day

Yes, I am aware my toga is too long. This is what I get for not attending the fitting.
 Arrived early with my brother Vince and Nino Gaddhi
 View from the audience
 The audience. Proud parents waiting for their child to finally graduate
 step one.. (get up the stage)
 step two.. ( get the diploma. I hugged our dean Dr. Kliatchko. Couldn’t help it!)
 step three.. (get off the stage)
 I love how everyone’s moving (except the guy beside me) and I just posed for the camera
I wouldn’t be where I am right now if you didn’t give me what I needed- proper education. Thank you dad.
 I love my family.
 A lovely shot with my sister, Liz.
And of course, thank you to my lover Nicole Andersson for attending my graduation and for being my date after. You know I’d do the same thing for you. 
She also took all the photos during my graduation. You already! BMS.


    1. fortune

      Hi Laureen! I went straight to the mall after reading your blog. I asked them and I let them see your blog so that they can identify your shoes, they said that they are not sure if its already an old style or they still dont have it in the market. They actually need the code of the shoes. Can I have it? Or will it be available soon? Im dying to have one. Thanks you! :)