Break My Style | Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

 Miss Pinky Binky orange necklace 
 (Shop Dainty cuff, Island Girl silver ring, Bubbles blue rings)
I decided to be a little toned down than my usual pile on accessories, so these round-shaped pieces were perfect. By the way, the leather cuff is accentuated by semi-precious stone and it’s hand-made, meaning no cuffs are entirely alike. Nice, right?
(Goody spin pins, HK brand top, Zara leggings,  Michael Antonio booties)

What I wore to the premiere screening of Vice Ganda’s new movie, Praybeyt Benjamin (a must-watch, btw). Since it was held at Megamall and it was just on a casual weeknight, I decided to be all covered up. An all black outfit doesn’t automatically mean you’ll look lika a witch- play with accessories. BMS.


    1. Sai Pauline

      Hello Laureen! Are you taking the photos by yoruself? Like with a tripod. :) I really love your blog. :> I’m new here in blogspot, but I have been reading your blog for a long long time now! You’re such an inspiration. I hope I sould meet you in person someday. ♥

      <3 lots,