Break My Style | Globe Tatt Awards Voting (CLOSED)

Globe Tatt Awards Voting (CLOSED)

(Topshop black dress, HK brand blue dress)
 SM Accessories feathered necklace, Holic Accessories chain necklace
Extreme Finds connector ring, Vita stud ring, +-x% ring


Tonight I attended the Globe Tatt Awards at Salong De Ning (more pictures to come) and I was so shocked that I was nominated in TWO categories: “Stylismo” and “The One.” Thank you so much Globe Tatt judges and to everyone who voted for me!!
Actually all my friends are nominated too (Dong, naku naku!! hahaha)

So guys, I need your help to make me win! And of course, because I love my readers so much, I was able to gather SEVEN brands for my blog givaway! 
Yes, This is another blog givaway.
 Two items from Stylebreak
A dress from Coexist
 A top from WAGW
 1 necklace and 3 bracelets from Extreme Finds
 1 pair of ballet flats from Suelas
1 necklace from SM Accessories
1 pair of booties from Schu

Now, that’s a lot! Thank you to my sponsors :)
I’m giving all of these to only one winner. To win, all you have to do is:

2. Find “Stylismo” and “The One“ 

3. Vote for me!

4. Like/ RT this post with the hashtag #TattAwards, #BMS and @laureenuy

5. Like this photo on Facebook HERE and comment “BMS x Tatt Awards” (you have to like my facebook fan page first if you haven’t)

That’s considered as your entry. 
Tell your friends about it, make them vote and comment again with their names- that’s considered as your second entry, and so forth.
Remember: If you win, I will be asking for a screen cap to make sure you voted for me and if you RTed/liked y post.

Please vote for me and tell all your friends about it! BMS.


    1. Mrs. Kolca

      Hi Laureen! Voted for you both in “Stylismo” and “The One” category. Liked this post and re-twitted. Like the photo on FB and commented too. Thanks!! Hope I win!!! :)

    2. Meryll

      done, voted you both in “Stylismo” & “The One” leading ka na sa “The One” sana manalo ka .. na RT ko na din na like ko n ung page mo sa FB lahat na ng instructions ginawa ko ma vote lang kita .. and sinabi ko n din sa mga friends ko na iboto ka .. so let’s all pray na sana manalo ka in both categories :)