Break My Style | Glasses in the Dark

Glasses in the Dark

 D&G sunnies, Miss Sartorial detachable collar
 D&G sunnies
 Love Eyecandy turban, Prada sunnies
D&G sunnies, Love & Sale earrings

Sunnies in the Dark. Of course I don’t wear them at night- I just wanted to show you guys how much I love sunglasses. They really give an edge to an outfit. I believe that when people meet you, first thing they usually look at is your face- so if you’re wearing sunnies, make sure it’s a fabulous one. I’m pretty sure you’ll find all these in Adora
Oh, just to add, don’t you just love my detachable collar in the first photo? The person who came up with this is a genius. You can now be preppy in an instant! BMS.
Photos by: Cholo Dela Vega