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BMS x Chellections Giveaway

Don’t you think wearing caps and sunnies are the coolest? It adds so much character in one person’s way of dressing. You’ll immediately make a statement when you wear these items from Chellections. They have the nicest collection of caps, scarfs and accessories. And the best part? They’re collaborating with me so I can giveaway these items to my readers! Yes, this is another contest! I’M GIVING AWAY A CAP AND SUNNIES TO TWO READERS! Read below to know how you can join.

To join, all you have to do is:

1. Like Chellection’s Facebook Page

2. Follow Chellection on Instagram

3. Regram this photo above and tell me why you want to win this cool pair of sunnies and cap with the hashtag #BMSxChellectionsGiveaway

Don’t forget to tag them as well! Contest is from March 29-April 5 only. Will be announcing the winners on my Facebook and Twitter account. Good luck guys! BMS.

Win a Jord Wood Watch!

I’m sure you must be drooling right now- that’s what I felt too when I saw these Jord Wood Watches. I find their watches so unique, not just because they watch is made of wood, but the designs are so stylish too! All their watches have been hand crafted from 100% natural wood and I love how light it is when you wear it. I have my own piece and I love wearing it to the beach- it’s such a nice accessory now that summer is near! You can check out their website to view more of their watches.

I’m giving away one Jord wood watch to a lucky winner too! All you have to do is:

1. Like Jord Wood Watch’s Facebook Page

2. Follow Jord Wood Watch on Instagram

3. Regram this photo above and tell me why you’d like to win this watch with the hashtag #BMSxWoodWatchGiveaway. Don’t forget to tag @woodwatches_com!

Contest period is from March 2-9 only. I’ll be announcing the winner on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Good luck guys!

Win A Real Techniques Brush Set!

There’s no better way to look your best when you apply the right make up and use the right tools. It’s not just about choosing what make up would suit you best (I thought that way before), but it’s also about using the right make up brushes to have that perfect photo finish look. Let me introduce to you Real Techniques (a UK brand distributed by Kalm Cosmetics exclusively in the Philippines)- the brushes doesn’t only look beautiful, they’re also so nice to use. After having a haircut before my trip to New York, I made use of the salon’s good light and put my make up on there. I used these brushes and the strands are so soft and it seriously has a smooth finish effect. I also love how each brush has a tiny label so you’d know what that specific brush is for, if it’s for the eyes, contour brush, foundation powder, etc. Created by Youtube sensation Pixiwoo, I’m sure you’d want to try these as well. That being said, I’m giving away a Real Techniques brush set to TWO lucky winners! These make up brushes will definitely make you look and feel prettier once you’ve tried using it. To join, all you have to do is:

1. Like Real Technique’s Facebook page

2. Follow Kalm Cosmetic on Instagram

3. Regram this photo above and continue the sentence as your caption, “ I want to win this @kalmcosmetics Real Technique brushes because ____! #BMSxKalmGiveaway “

Don’t forget the hashtag because I’ll be choosing the winners there! Contest will only be from February 18-25 so join now. I’ll be announcing the winners on my Facebook page and Twitter account. Good luck guys. BMS.

Love Month

(BCBG necklace, Shabby Apple dress, SM Accessories ring, Abby Jocson bag, Alexander McQueen heels)

I love wearing vintage pieces- not that I’m wearing one. I just find this dress from Shabby Apple really vintage looking because of it’s vibe. I love the shoulder details (it doesn’t have shoulder pads but I like the turn out) and the puffy bottoms. The silk fabric also makes it very girly (not that it’s not dainty enough). This month of love, why not let go of the anticipated red dress and wear something unexpected? I love the combination of my blue dress with gold accents like my necklace and bag. I really find this Abby Jocson heart quilted bag so nice- express that you’re truly in love with this kind of bag! The strap of the bag turns from chain to leather so it won’t hurt your shoulders, and the shape is just perfect! This is what I call a classy and feminine look.

And since it’s the month of love (and the month of always giving haha), I’m giving away this lovely Abby Jocson bag to a reader! It’s the perfect bag for Valentines Day! To join, all you have to do is:

1. Like Abby Jocson’s Facebook fanpage

2. Follow Abby Jocson on Instagram

3. Regram the photo of my heart bag (the close up photo of the bag above), tag three friends and @abbyjocson with the hashtag #BMSxAbbyJocsonGiveaway

Contest period is from Feb 4-11 only so join now! Spread the love. Good luck guys. BMS.

DTC x BMS Giveaway

It’s my first time trying out this DTC GT6 Speed Plus mobile phone and I must say, it’s really really nice for it’s price! I really like the phone because it’s thin and it looks so sleek. I love the combination of the black, white and silver colours. The back part is plastic so you don’t have to worry about dents on your phone. It’s light too and its camera is 5 mega pixels.

Can you guys guess how much this phone is? It’s only P3,990!!! Wow right? I really didn’t expect it to be this affordable- I mean, look at the phone! It looks so cute. Talk about getting more than what you pay for.

And since I love doing giveaways, I’m giving away one DTC GT6 Speed Plus phone to three lucky readers! All you have to do is:

1. Like DTC Mobile’s Facebook fanpage

2. Follow DTC Mobile on Instagram (@dtcmobileph)

3. Instagram a picture of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend (in short, a couple picture) and tag @dtcmobileph with the hashtags #DTCLuckyInLove and #DTCxBMSGiveaways

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, I wanted to make the contest sweeter. Naks! If you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you can post a picture with a loved one instead (mom, sister, best friend, etc). Don’t forget the hashtags because I’ll be choosing the winners there! Contest will be from January 31-February 10 only so join now. I’ll be announcing the winners on my Instagram account. Good luck guys! BMS.