Break My Style | Geometric











SM Accessories necklace/ ring

Luscious Closet dress

Belleza bag

Michael Antonio heels

Who knew geometry class could provide you with such fashion inspiration? As you sit at your desk, you find yourself doodling geometry-inspired ensembles, like shapes of this printed colorful dress, on the pages of your notebook. Rows of printed diamonds and triangles in various patterns and sizes adorn the fabric of this fit-and-flare frock I got from Luscious Closet. This summer, a colorful geometric
dress is a must now that we all want something colorful and vibrant. For me, geometric prints make a great alternative to aztec and tribal prints. The colors of this dress really pop out and will really make you stand out. I styled this dress with a splash of this macaron-looking red bag  because it really matched my dress. They look like cute little pins that are attached in the bag. Of course, who’d go wrong with print on print right? So I wore these floral pumps to make the outfit more dressy. BMS.

Photos by: Spike


    1. Kerz

      Your purse is soooo cute and I like your ring too! Yet the whole outfit stands out! <3

    2. Fatah

      She looks wonderful!And I like the words you write below the piutcres.I always imagine the situation , when you stand together, talking, imagine what kind of view to the city this lady has.The other day I spoke about an hour with a lady, to take a picture of her, and today I talked to another old lady, and I would have loved to bring them both together…This lady would match perfectly too. Maybe one day I invite some of the ladys for a chickentalk :-)