Break My Style | Geeky











Eyewear Envy specs

Rue Gembon necklace

Binky Doodles top

Chloe bag

Apartment 8 skirt

Gianvito Rossi heels

A lot of people say that when you wear spectacles, you look geeky in a cute way- do you agree? I do! I think glasses make us look nerdy, and for some weird reason I find it really sexy! I don’t usually wear specs when I’m out, but I just had to give it a try. I fell in love with this pair of glasses from Eyewear Envy and decided to mix it with my daily outfits. I love their website because it’s so easy to shop for glasses- you have the option to shop by size, color, style and even by the shape of your face! I attended an event during this day so I wore a black cropped top paired with this midi fitted skirt from Apartment 8. I don’t usually wear fitted skirts too, so I’m trying a lot of new things on this look! My look revolved around the colors black, white, brown and gold. I think it made me look really sophisticated! I gotta wear more of these. BMS. 


    1. Kaye Alid

      Hi ate laur! So love the skirt and the style of it in the last part. I love how geeky it is! You really made it sexier! Haha now i’m inspired of using nerdy glasses again (lol) hope you’ll see this!

    2. Nneka N. (Myveryownpen)

      You look cute and not in a geeky kinda way.
      your skirt is so beautiful