Break My Style | FW Day 4: Jellybean/ F&H

FW Day 4: Jellybean/ F&H

(H&M top and fur jacket, American Apparel skirt, Alexander Mcqueen clutch, Steve Madden Wedges)
It was my first time backstage (being one of the models). It was so packed and everyone was so energized for the fashion show. I was nervous at first but when I walked out and saw my friends it all went away. I can’t even describe how fun the after party was. Thanks Tim Yap, I love you. So sad we didn’t have any photos together.
Photos by: David Guison, Gerry Robinson and I
1. Backstage
2. The models
3. Accessories
4. On stage
5. Martin Cuna
6. Bianca Gonzales and Liz Uy
7. Belle Daza and Bea Soriano
8. Moi