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Yohji Yamamoto hat

Personalized Accessories necklace

Romwe red jacket

Zara gray jacket

Goyard bag

Zara leggings

Nike Roshes from Sole Academy

Hello Moscow! To be honest, I really don’t know how I survived Russia since I live in a tropical country. When I went there last March, it was 0-5 degrees cold and I really had to wear double warmers to keep myself warm. I can’t accessorize so much given that we’ll be walking all day so I wore this beautiful personalized necklace from Personalized Accessories with my initials to make my outfit more chic. And if you’re wondering why I paired a checkered coat over another checkered coat- why not? Travelling is about experiencing new things and shifting your perspectives; my outfit is definitely a reflection of how I chose to re-invent myself throughout the course of this trip. No matter how much I tell myself that I have certain styles when it comes to fashion, I always find myself learning to appreciate looks that I’m usually not comfortable with. BMS.


    1. kristel

      such great photos. because of that, i want to be a blogger too. just disappointed i didn’t see you yesterday at ATC. wish to see you someday. :D Thank you and god bless.

    2. MJ Monteagudo

      That’s why I really adore your style <3 It showcases the personality and the soul underneath the clothes . NObody will dare to break your style po talaga <3

    3. Jeryl

      i don’t know why but even your “balot na balot” package still looks so sexy. i like it so much ate laur. or it has something to do with how beautiful you are :-)

    4. Jolene

      Love all your oOtd’s. Youre a survivor ate!! HahAha the cold does bother you anyway haha

    5. nOVA dINE

      I Really admire you in many ways! thank you so much, you
      could be one of our inspiration to pursue what we have started– blogging! keep on. GOD BLESS!