Break My Style | For Amethyst

For Amethyst

(My Korean Rose sheer polo, WAGW floral top, Stylebreak skirt, all SM Accessories accessories, Angel shoes)

This blog post is for Amethyst. If you guys don’t know her, she’s actually my character in My Binondo Girl (a tv show that just finished last week). Amethyst’s style is very girly- her hair is always curled, she always wears florals/ pastels/ cute heels- totally different from Laureen, who’s very edgy. When the show finished, I couldn’t let go of my character’s style- maybe because I played the role for six months. Now, I dedicate this blog post to her. Then tomorrow, I’ll be back to my normal edgy self again.
I got this inspiration from Louis Vuitton’s 2012 collection- pastels. I just couldn’t stop layering pastel-colored pieces from my closet. To make this look unique, I wore necklaces on my ankles to make it look like charm anklets. I think I’ll be doing this charm anklets more often- makes an outfit stand out more. BMS.
Photos by: Robbie Becroft

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    1. eggtartbox

      I absolutely love the texture in your top– it may not be what you usually wear, but I like how despite the pastels, you kept is very visual striking with the volume…the charm anklets are really cool as well. Hope you’ve been having a good weekend! xx

    2. fieryredhead

      Wow. The style is pleasant yet elegant.

      Sooo Amethyst! :) Thanks for posting an entry dedicated to ur Binondo girl role, we miss Amethyst, and ur “Hello Trev~”. ;)