Break My Style | For a Change

For a Change

 SM necklace
 Firma spiked cuffs
(Topshop top, vintage skirt, Alexander Wang bag, Schu heels)
Another ordinary day full of meetings, errands and Stylebreak stuff. These heels are actually comfy and they’re only 4 inches tall- not my normal 5-6 inch everyday heels. For a change, I decided to be girly (than edgy) by wearing a maxi floral skirt. Not only did I look different, but I felt different as well– I felt more demure too. Weird. BMS.


    1. Llamarae Dein

      Hi Ms. Laureen,

      This outfit of yours really looks cute on you. Really different from your usual edgy style.
      Hope to see you more in this style. Suits you well.

      Love your blog. More Power and God bless! :)