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(Goody hair tie, Binky Doodles jacket, Sexy White Shirt top, Gold Dot bracelet, Dolcespressivo Shoppe shorts/ bag, Fantasia booties)

Matching can make or break your look. When choosing fashion accessories to match your outfit, consider the color, scale and style of the pieces, and keep the occasion in mind. When I saw this bag and shorts from Dolcespressivo Shoppe, I knew it will surely look adorable, especially that they’re both matching. It was definitely the main components of my ensemble, so I worked my entire look around them. The bag looks so classy and chic, plus it can definitely be a statement piece for your entire get up. The shorts on the other hand looks more edgy- but ironically, they both look really good together. Lately, I found myself wearing plain shirts more often. When I don’t have any events or meetings, I’m usually in a loose sweater or plain tee because they’re really comfy. I got one from Sexy White Shirt and the fabric is so soft it gives me a breezy feeling and can also help extend my wardrobe because I can achieve multiple looks from one basic shirt just by changing my accessories, pants, shorts, hat, shoes, etc. BMS.