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Somewhere in Harajuku

Jewelled Scarves scarf

Romwe metallic jacket

H&M top

Alexander Wang bag

Zara leggings

Topshop boots

There are just so many nice locations in Japan that wherever you're standing, it's bound to be picture perfect. Since we had a full day of touring for Cool Japan and 100 Tokyo, we decided to take a quick outfit shot in a small empty street somewhere in Harajuku street. Even from afar you can still see the flashing lights and busy street! It was around 10-12 degrees when we went to Tokyo so I made sure I was all covered up. I'm really lamigin (ibang level) so I have to be in complete gear when I go out- that means wearing thermals, a thick jacket, warm boots, sometimes a hat and a scarf. I wore this during out first tour day and since it's still an event tour, I wore chunky boots that's unbelievably comfier than some of my sneakers. Good thing I bought it the night before my trip! It's also always a hassle to be wearing a lot of accessories when you're traveling because you don't want your arms/ neck to feel heavy when you're walking around the whole day, so this scarf from Jewelled Scarves became my favorite travel accessory in an instant. It's a scarf that has embellishment so it looks like a necklace when worn. You can wear it in so many ways too! Scarf tucked under the beads, twisted around the necklace or use it like a normal scarf like how I did. With an all black ensemble, you'll look chic right away.

Ps. Jewelled Scarves is available in Rustan's Edsa Shang-rila Mall and Rustan's Our Very Own shop in Resorts World. 

A Visit In Clark, Pampanga

Touchdown Clark! It’s really not that far if you think about it, just about two hours away and you’re in their beautiful city already. I went to visit SM City Clark and had a meet and greet there a couple of weeks ago. I love going to another place/city/province and meeting some of my avid readers, it really inspires me more to work and blog. Before the meet and greet, I was tasked to go around the mall, pick out clothes, do an ootd and showcase SM City Clark’s fashionable clothes. Before I show you my chosen outfit, let me show you how my shopping experience went.

Uniqlo. Of course I had to go inside this store- I love their items, especially now that it’s summer again. Check out some of their cute floral prints!

I went inside The SM Store and couldn’t decide what to get because everything was so pretty! This is the problem when I go inside SM Department Store, there are just so many cute things to find! Nice problem, right?

Every since I was introduced to this brand (it’s inside SM Store too), I always check their clothes out. They have some really cool and affordable clothes.

Baby G- brings me back so many high school memories! What color should I get? Hmm.

My last and favourite stop: Mango. They have the chicest clothes ever. I could actually make an entire look out of Mango apparel and accessories! After this, I went inside their dressing room to change to my ootd already. I really had a fun time shopping inside SM City Clark because the mall is so clean and nice, plus they have entertainment going around the mall to keep their customers excited all the time.

I also met some of Pampanga’s fashion bloggers and had a chat with them. Love making new friends! Anyway, so here’s my final look:

Print on print on print. Yes, it that’s time of the year again! Haha. I’ve been wearing a lot of black and whites during the “ber” months and now that it’s summer again, brights and prints are back! Well, they never really stopped anyway. I got this jacket from Uniqlo and matched it with this pastel top from Mango and printed skirt from Redhead inside The SM Store. You can call this look sporty chic. Sporty because of the checkered hoodie and my Baby-G watch and chic because of the necklace, top and skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints because if you want to be a scene stealer, prints are your besties.

I was also able to meet Andrei Paras, a super talented reader of mine. Thank you for this beautiful sketch.

Meet and Greet time! I had to wait for a few minutes on stage because we were waiting for the mic, so I just started talking to my readers who were waiting in line. They were all so nice and beautiful!

Everyone in line could ask me questions about fashion and blogging, and I’m so happy to hear that a lot of people want to start a personal blog. I chatted with some of my readers about their passion and interests too. Oh, and can I just add- using iso na talaga ang monopod! A lot of people brought it with them! Hahaha.

At the end of the meet and greet, there was a question and answer portion and I loved how someone asked me what she can wear on a date with her boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen for a year! Whoa. I asked her so many questions like, “where’s the date?” “is there an occasion?” “is it in a fancy restaurant?” and I think she wasn’t prepared hehehe! To the girl who asked me the question, if you’re reading this, I hope your date went well!

After the event, I ate merienda at Caffe Bene with the organisers and Pampanga fashion bloggers. I had so much fun at SM City Clark! Thank you for inviting me during your 3-day sale event. I love their mall- I love that they have activities and events all the time to entertain guests and they’re the only mall there who has a Korean translation on their ads and announcements. Cool, right? Also, I wanted to try so many other things in Pampanga, like their famous delicacies and destinations, too bad I was only there for a day. I wish to come back soon though. BMS.


Sunnies from Common Thread

Bikini from Common Thread

BCBG skirt

Clutch from Common Thread

There's something magical about taking outfit posts in Pico De Loro- I always feel like I'm enjoying more. When I have events at the beach, it's always nice to mix a swimsuit with a maxi skirt because it looks really beachy but still elegant- plus you can't really do it often in the city. A few days before this trip, I was able to drop by Common Thread in Greenbelt 5 and fell in love with their store and customer service. All the people working there are so friendly and they really have taste when they help you pick out the items you need. As you can see, I got a lot from them! It's convenient because they have several brands under one store so I don't need to spend hours strolling around the mall looking for each item you need. Anyway, back to my ootd, I usually hate wearing plunging tops so I was really surprised this swimsuit suited me well. It's also nice even without the skirt! Since it's black, it looks extra classy too. BMS.

Photos by: Spike

Purple and Gold

The SM Store hat

Moeva London bikini

H&M shorts

You know it's a nice swimsuit if it's from Moeva London. I don't need any sweet introduction for this brand because their bikinis speak for themselves. They sell luxury/designer swimwear that's absolutely amazing you wouldn't want to go take a dip in them hahaha but of course, you can. I got this purple bikini with a gold detail that looks like a necklace from afar. It suited my metallic shorts really well and it was a perfect get up if you want to just relax and have a mango shake by the shore. I'm also into big hats now that summer's here and can I just say, The SM Store has a lot of trendy beach hats! They have it in all colors too- tama sila, they've got it all for you! Haha. The last time I went to Pico De Loro was about two years ago and I'm happy to be back thanks to Sanuk! They invited a couple of people (probably just around 15) for their "A Space To Play" event showcasing Sanuk's latest creation. I'll tell you more about my overnight stay on my next post. Stay tuned! BMS.

Photos by: Spike

Eat, Sleep, Work, Train, Repeat

Nectar sunies

Nike sports bra

Recovery Wear tank

Adidas x Stella McCartney hoodie

Adidas shorts

New Balance shoes

Wow. My first fitness fashion post- I never thought the day would come! I've been a gym freak once, back in 2011 when I did a show for ABS-CBN and I wanted to lose weight and be fit at the same time. When the show ended, my healthy lifestyle stopped as well. Now, I'm trying to be a healthier me by eating properly and having a daily exercise (boxing and conditioning). I've only got one month left before Labor Day and like everybody else who's going to Boracay next month, you know the words: PANIC MODE! I really want to start being healthy again and it's not just for Labor Day, I want it to be my lifestyle forever. And like any other girl who loves clothes, I like wearing tees that inspire me to work out more. It's like when you buy new trainer shoes, you're more ready to work out because sayang, nabili mo na! Haha. I love all of Recovery Wear's inspiring work out tees- especially this one I'm wearing. Eat, sleep, work, train, repeat. This should be my motto! They say you're in the gym not to look good but to work out right? But hello, why choose to look dirty when you can still look awesome and be fit at the same time! Naks! Minus the hoodie, this can be a good outfit for a workout- plus if you want that extra sweat, wear a windbreaker jacket. BMS.

Photos by: Spike