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SM Accessories earrings

Virgos Lounge apparel

Saint Laurent bag

SM Accessories bracelets

Gianvito Rossi heels

Better late than never! I wore this during Bloggers United 7 a few months back. I know it’s a bit dressy to wear for a bazaar but I also had a short segment with Sunsilk and they had to film my experience during that day so I wanted to look extra fancy. BU7 was a success once again, the Smart Lane was packed with shoppers and fashionistas! I really love all Smart events- they’re always a huge success! Anyway, going back to my ootd- Peach and mint are some of my favorite shades and I’m so happy I found this beautiful beaded dress from Virgos Lounge. The dress itself is so glamorous that you don’t really need statement accessories anymore. This isn’t my usual everyday look but when there’s an occasion, a get up like this is perfect. BMS.


    1. Lourine

      Agree. No need for more accessories. Where is this taken? Seems like it’s beside a museum or something. Hehe. Dunno where did I get that idea.

    2. Niara

      Love the saint laurent bag, so versatile. I Keep up with their collections and other designers on the purely fashion app. I think you’d really like it too!

    3. Niara

      Love the Saint Laurent bag; so versatile. I like to keep up with their collection and other designers on the Purely Fashion app. Check it out i think you’ll like it too!

    4. bj dionaldo

      ms laureen does BU always happen in may? hope to know in advance so i can meet the awsomest blogger :)