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Styled To Move

A few weeks ago, I attended Toyota’s event in Resorts World Manila where they launched their newest car, the all new Toyota Yaris. I love how the concept of the car is like a fashion show, and that the road is your runway. It’s a subcompact car that can suit any person who’s always on the go. Before I continue on and on about how beautiful this car is, check out what happened during the event.

My dates Nicole Andersson and Champ Lui Pio.

Host of the night, Patti Grandidge. She’s so effortlessly gorgeous.

Mr. Michinobu Sugata, the president of Toyota Motor Philippines, talks about the brand and why the all new Toyota Yaris is worth buying.

Before the fashion show, this happened. I swear, whenever I see people dance, I want to become a dancer myself. They look so awesome performing on stage and they all exude this aura of confidence and coolness.

Different looks for different people. Whether you’re retro, preppy, classy, the Toyota Yaris will still fit your style and everyday life. I really enjoyed the fashion show and seeing all the different style and characters that the models portrayed.

The models were standing in front of a big box and when it opened, the car was inside. See it for yourself!

I love how small and compact it is- fit for a petite girl like me. This car is actually very useful for everyday use in the city because it’s fuel efficient and you can easily park anywhere. I always find it harder to park bigger cars and since we live in a very busy city, this will be very convenient. It also cops the right balance between sharp edges and smooth surfaces- expressing the car’s personality of being a fashion forward car.

You can put so many things inside this car- it’s also gonna be a nice car for road trips. The Yaris lift back door opens wide which makes loading the cargo compartment a breeze. It's been given a substantial upgrade in its length by over +315mm so it's really more spacious.

Isn’t it such a beauty? The famous hatchback now comes in seven fashionable colors: Freedom White, Attitude Black, Thermalyte, Gray Metallic and its new shades of Orange Mica Metallic, Red Mica Metallic and Frozen Blue Mica Metallic. I think it’ll actually be a fun car to drive this holy week whether you have an out of town trip or if you just want to drive around this peaceful city (since everyone won’t be here). For more information about Toyota Yaris, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

And speaking of road trips, make sure you’re safe to avoid any accidents. Petron Lakbay Alalay is the longest running motorist assistance program of Petron and since it’s holy week and a lot of people are going out of town, they want to make sure to provide roadside assistance. Have a FREE safety check service at any Petron service stations nationwide so they can help everyone prepare their vehicles for a worry-free and fun vacation! Did you know that aside from their free safety check service, you can also get free food and drinks and first aid assistance? Cool right? And they even have a power nap area for people who’ll be driving for long hours! If you’re going on a road trip this week, take care! As for me, I’ll be staying with my family in Manila to enjoy this peaceful city (that happens only twice a year).

A Visit In Clark, Pampanga

Touchdown Clark! It’s really not that far if you think about it, just about two hours away and you’re in their beautiful city already. I went to visit SM City Clark and had a meet and greet there a couple of weeks ago. I love going to another place/city/province and meeting some of my avid readers, it really inspires me more to work and blog. Before the meet and greet, I was tasked to go around the mall, pick out clothes, do an ootd and showcase SM City Clark’s fashionable clothes. Before I show you my chosen outfit, let me show you how my shopping experience went.

Uniqlo. Of course I had to go inside this store- I love their items, especially now that it’s summer again. Check out some of their cute floral prints!

I went inside The SM Store and couldn’t decide what to get because everything was so pretty! This is the problem when I go inside SM Department Store, there are just so many cute things to find! Nice problem, right?

Every since I was introduced to this brand (it’s inside SM Store too), I always check their clothes out. They have some really cool and affordable clothes.

Baby G- brings me back so many high school memories! What color should I get? Hmm.

My last and favourite stop: Mango. They have the chicest clothes ever. I could actually make an entire look out of Mango apparel and accessories! After this, I went inside their dressing room to change to my ootd already. I really had a fun time shopping inside SM City Clark because the mall is so clean and nice, plus they have entertainment going around the mall to keep their customers excited all the time.

I also met some of Pampanga’s fashion bloggers and had a chat with them. Love making new friends! Anyway, so here’s my final look:

Print on print on print. Yes, it that’s time of the year again! Haha. I’ve been wearing a lot of black and whites during the “ber” months and now that it’s summer again, brights and prints are back! Well, they never really stopped anyway. I got this jacket from Uniqlo and matched it with this pastel top from Mango and printed skirt from Redhead inside The SM Store. You can call this look sporty chic. Sporty because of the checkered hoodie and my Baby-G watch and chic because of the necklace, top and skirt. Don’t be afraid to experiment with prints because if you want to be a scene stealer, prints are your besties.

I was also able to meet Andrei Paras, a super talented reader of mine. Thank you for this beautiful sketch.

Meet and Greet time! I had to wait for a few minutes on stage because we were waiting for the mic, so I just started talking to my readers who were waiting in line. They were all so nice and beautiful!

Everyone in line could ask me questions about fashion and blogging, and I’m so happy to hear that a lot of people want to start a personal blog. I chatted with some of my readers about their passion and interests too. Oh, and can I just add- using iso na talaga ang monopod! A lot of people brought it with them! Hahaha.

At the end of the meet and greet, there was a question and answer portion and I loved how someone asked me what she can wear on a date with her boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen for a year! Whoa. I asked her so many questions like, “where’s the date?” “is there an occasion?” “is it in a fancy restaurant?” and I think she wasn’t prepared hehehe! To the girl who asked me the question, if you’re reading this, I hope your date went well!

After the event, I ate merienda at Caffe Bene with the organisers and Pampanga fashion bloggers. I had so much fun at SM City Clark! Thank you for inviting me during your 3-day sale event. I love their mall- I love that they have activities and events all the time to entertain guests and they’re the only mall there who has a Korean translation on their ads and announcements. Cool, right? Also, I wanted to try so many other things in Pampanga, like their famous delicacies and destinations, too bad I was only there for a day. I wish to come back soon though. BMS.

A Space To Play

Isn’t it summer time? And isn’t summer all about having fun? Sanuk definitely made sure everyone will have a space to play! They hosted an event a month ago in Pico De Loro and invited a few friends over so they can showcase their bright and colourful new collection. It was only a two-day event but it was worth it! When we arrived, the place was filled with beautiful props that made me love summer more.

Pico De Loro is a 3 to 4 hour drive from Manila. It’s just a bit further away from Tali and Punta Fuego but if you love road trips, it’s definitely worth the drive. You have to be a member to be able to stay too.

We left Manila around 12nn and arrived around 2:30pm because there was no traffic. After checking in, we were escorted to our room and this surprised us. Happy hour agad agad haha! I’ve always wanted a cooler for out of town trips. Thank you Sanuk! We finished all the chips and drinks right away. Of course, we also wore these cute slippers they gave us. They’re so comfy to wear!

The other people who rode a bus going to Pico De Loro got stuck in traffic so we had an hour or two to relax by the beach.

The area was covered with cool Sanuk props. I love how they really prepared for the event. It made me more excited to see their newest collection!

When I returned to the hotel, everyone was already there! Yay! Sanuk prepared merienda for us by the lagoon so we can all have a get-together just in case someone doesn’t know someone. They also showcased their summer collection. For guys, I personally love the camouflage one. Combined with the orange strings, it's so nice!

The set up is so colourful and playful.

We had so much food for merienda I thought it was our dinner already! Perfect pica pica food while everyone’s busy taking photos of Sanuk’s summer sandals.

For the ladies’ collection, I couldn’t choose what my favourite pair was because everything’s so nice. I love colorful dresses and shoes, so their collection would really fit me perfectly. During the event, the new collection wasn’t available yet so I couldn’t have a pair of my own- but now it is so you too can get a pair! These espadrilles are perfect for summer. It’s all about prints this time so the more vivid and vibrant, the better.

After happy hour, we all freshened up for the main event. We transferred to the beach area where they prepared a beautiful stage and dinner tables so we can have the best view of the show.

The lovely host of the night, Janeena Chan. I love her charisma and charm!

Sanuk showcased their latest summer collection and shared why their shoes are fit for all kinds of personalities. Even if you’re laid back, a musician, a city girl, and more- there’s a Sanuk pair for you that’ll fit your everyday lifestyle.

I love their colored shoes- it’s so easy to pair your everyday look with this one.

They did several looks to prove how versatile Sanuk sandals are- beachy, city look, smart casual, etc. Since it’s summer time, play with colours and don’t be afraid to experiment with your clothes, accessories and shoes. My favourite is the sandals on the lower left- meant to be worn on the beach when you don’t like wearing flip flops during dinner and night outs.

After the show, everyone enjoyed dinner and had a great time. The best part? I had a very nice massage after dinner! What a way to end my wonderful day!

The next day, I had to leave before lunch because I had work in Manila in the afternoon but I was still able to enjoy the pool after breakfast. Thank you to Sanuk for inviting me to your event. A space to play is all about reflecting the fun part in life- to live spontaneously and to enjoy each and every moment of it. Whether it be your smile, your laughter, your night outs, make sure you always have a space to play. We only live one, so live a fun one! I had a great time in this trip and so did everyone else. Your new collection screams youth and color! I’ll definitely be getting a pair of my own now that’s it’s available. BMS.

For more information, visit Sanuk’s website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Do The Moves

It was my first time hosting for an event with a crowd this huge- all I can say is wow! Nakakatakot!!! I hosted for Rexona event in Glorietta a few weeks ago with Chino Lui Pio and surprisingly had so much fun! I thought I was going to be too nervous and just make mistakes but the people in the crowd were so game and were cheering the entire time so it really gave me confidence. Speaking of confidence- that’s what Rexona is all about, to have confidence with everything you do. They just launched their newest endorsers: Enrique Gil, Elmo Magalona, Apl De Ap and Sarah Geronimo and their super cool song “Do The Moves”. Nakaka-LSS soya! I also love the music video- it’ll surely make you want to be a dancer too! Of course, they were a lot of dancers and performers during the event like Philippine All Stars. Buti nalang host ako that day, and I wasn’t required to dance- or else I’ll really look like a fool beside of these pros. The endorsers taught everyone dance moves that looks totally hard but easy to do. I had so much fun! Thank you Rexona for getting me as your brand ambassador too. Trivia: my first ever commercial was for Rexona back in 2009! If you remember the girl that says, “it’s like a spa for my kili kili.” Yep, that’s me! So happy to be part of their family again. BMS.

Sunsilk Hairkada

Sunsilk hosted an event a few weeks ago at Greenfield District (my first time there and I love the park!) and announced their newest endorsers Jasmine Curtis-Smith and Julia Montes who will be joining Sarah Geronimo in her hairkada adventures. It was a pink party! Pink is one of my favourite colours and I loved the set up. I co-hosted with Sam Oh in a segment where we’ll be touring around the pop-up booths. Each booth had a specific purpose for the hair, like the parlour station wherein people can hair a free shampoo-blow dry treatment and the accessories booth where they can free hair accessories and slippers so they can be ready for the beach. There was also a hair torture booth (it’s not as morbid as it sounds) wherein you’ll jump on a trampoline (fun, right?) and see if your hair is frizzy afterwards. Everyone had fun getting their hair done and touring around the booths. It was really a colourful and fun event. It became even more entertaining when everyone wrote on a piece of paper their dream destination with their hairkadas, tied it to a balloon, made a wish and let the balloons fly into the air. With Sunsilk smooth and manageable, your hair will smell good and look nice even if you’re out the whole day. Congratulations to the newest members of the Sunsilk family! It makes me feel so special being an ambassador of Sunsilk too. BMS.