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BTS of my Wechat TVC

I finally got the time to blog about the BTS of my WeChat TVC. It’s not the first solo lead commercial I’ve done but it sure feels like it’s my first! I’ve been a user of WeChat for a long time now and when they asked me to be their official endorser, how could I say no! My college friends who all live in different provinces use WeChat as well and that’s how we all get connected- through the group chat! Anyway, I was so nervous during the shoot because the last solo TVC I’ve done was probably 5-6 years ago (I did a Rexona TVC where I said “it’s like a spa for my kili-kili!”). Thank you Lord for all the blessings. Here are some photos from our print ad shoot:

I’m so happy to be able to work with some of the best people in the industry too! Make up Gela Laurel and my stage sister/stylist Liz fixing everything before we start shooting.

It was my first time working with the Mark Nicdao. Now I know why he’s so in demand. His photos are amazing and he works super fast!

My favourite look (and pose).

To tell you the truth, I’m still humbled that WeChat got me to be their endorser. When I started my blog, it was a visual/personal diary for myself so I can document my daily outfits. I never thought I would gain a lot of readers and be where I am now. So now I thank you all for the support because seriously, you guys are the reason why I made it this far.

The cute WeChat message bubbles made into pillows! I took both of them home with me!

That’s one day for the shoot! Now, day two for the TVC.

Here’s our director and assistant director double checking the script.

Me and my sister having a moment. Hahaha. I can’t really remember what she was telling me but she was explaining something about my outfit for sure.

I am a proud user of the app and I’m sure a lot of you use it too. There are so many cool features and it really does make you connect with your loved ones easily. Even though I’m busy everyday, I still get to talk to my close friends and family via WeChat. When I’m out of the country, I get to chat with them for free and even do voice and video calls when I can. Privacy is everything to them too so you can customise your settings.

The assistant director told me I need to extra energetic for the shoot (yes, aside form my bubbly self, I still need more liveliness!)

My favourite shots with the other talents. It really did felt like it was my birthday! Lol.

I had a great time during the shoot- all the people I worked with were awesome (client, agency and my team). I want to share a lot about their other cool features but I’ll just do it on my future posts. Thank you to my WeChat family for choosing me to be your endorser. Here’s the final commercial! I know my voice seems different- I think it has got to do something with their editing but for those of you asking, that’s my real voice that sounds just a bit higher hehe. Hope you guys like it! BMS.

Raven: The Newest and Hottest Club

The newest club in Global Bonifacio City, Raven, just launched last Wednesday and got Icona Pop for their opening. Of course I attended and so did a lot of my friends (and folks). The place was jam-packed with people cheering, singing, drinking and dancing all night long! It was really a fun and unforgettable night- I think these pictures gave justice to my words. If you were there during the launch too, check out Raven’s Facebook Fanpage and you might spot yourself in one of their albums! I can seriously say it’s a huge club (and when I say huge, it can fit around 1,500 people!) and it isn’t like any other clubs. Raven wants to change the Manila club scene by making it funner and better for everyone. They have LED lights on the dj’s booth and ceiling and they’re doing Las Vegas style bottle services that will surely catch everyone’s attention in the club (this I can’t wait to see). The best part? Each table has a designated server who’s always there to help you out. No need to wait for a long time just to get ice, chasers, etc. They’re just on soft opening and will be having a lot of things improved by next month for sure! I was able to go there last Saturday and despite everyone being there last Wednesday and Thursday, the place was still very much alive and partying! I’m sure this weekend will be better. So… see you there! Raven is located at Penthouse, W fifth avenue building in BGC.

For table reservations, please call or text 09178071111. For more information about Raven, follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. BMS.

Miss Teen Philippines '14

For those who missed the telecast of Miss Teen Philippines Coronation Night 2014 last Sunday, June 08, 2015 on TV5, worry no more as I’ll be sharing the highlights of the said competition here. As most of you know, I was chosen to be part as mentor of the Miss Teen Philippines Advisory Council and I can’t thank them enough! Miss Teen Philippines is all about beauty and brains (they believe education is the most important thing for teens and I believe that too). One of the privileges of being a MTP Advisory Council Mentor is that I get to attend and watch the pageant night live! Woot!

The 40 equally beautiful Miss Teen Philippines candidates having fun with their opening number. The crowd at PICC (venue of the coronation night) enjoyed watching them and so did I. They all look so beautiful and gorgeous, don’t you think?

Miss Teen Philippines coronation night hosts, the handsome Rovilson Fernandez and stunning Georgina Wilson.

The panel of judges. Spot Ms. Cory Quirino and Senator Bam Aquino.

With my co- MTP Advisory Council Mentor Jing Monis and reigning Miss Teen Philippines’ first ever winner Stephanie Sol.

My baby girl and co-MTP Advisory Council Mentor Jasmine Curtis-Smith was the social media correspondent host during the coronation night.

Awarding the Miss Teen Jing Monis Salon, candidate no. 26 Elizabeth Renee Scheer. I think I can still ne a teen candidate (hahaha feeling!).

One of my favorite parts of the competition: Miss Teen Philippines wearing their gorgeous evening gowns.

Love these gowns!

The crowd enjoyed the special number of “Voices of Five” before the announcement of winners.

Presenting the Miss Teen Philippines 2014 Grand Winners: Miss Teen Luzon– Ms. Abby Gael Angel, Miss Teen Visayas– Ms. Jeri-Anna Henares, Miss Teen Mindanao– Ms. Victoria Leslie Ingram, Miss Teen Philippines 1st Runner up– Ms. Chiara Marie Ocampo and Miss Teen Philippines 2014– Ms. Reissha Nicole Magadia.

Congratulations to all the winners and may you serve as an inspiration and role models to all the youth in the Philippines and the whole world! BMS.

BTS: Plains and Prints Prefall '14

I am so humbled and happy that Plains and Prints got me to be their official BTS (behind-the-scenes) blogger for their 2014 pre-fall collection. I got to attend their shoot with none other than their endorser Anne Curtis and had so much fun because I loved everyone who was in the shoot- plus I got to see all of Plains and Prints’ new collection!

Goofing around with one of the best photographers in our country, Mark Nicdao and my sister/ stylist Liz (who also became an endorser of Plains and Prints) while Anne gets her make up done. It doesn’t feel like work when you’re around people you’re comfortable with. Love these two!

Anne is such a pro not just in acting, but in posing too! I swear, she’s good at everything! This is my favourite layout- I love all the props and her smile in all the photos! Effortlessly beautiful and charming, perfect with her preppy look.

Spell e-m-o-t-e-r-a! She has a lot of different facial expressions that made the shoot more fun. She’d pose depending on her outfit- so if it’s a dainty dress, she’ll act all doll-y or if it’s a loose top with a pair of leggings, she’ll do more movement poses.

White and pink combination = preppy chic.

My favorite outfit. It’s so colourful and cute!!! I really love the prints and how the sleeves are plain for the perfect balance. I’d definitely wear this.

Meet make up artist Robbie Pinera and hair stylist Raymond Santiago, Anne’s glam team in most of her print shoots. They’re so talented and so friendly too!

All eyes on her! And my camera’s on them lol. Look how happy Mark Nicdao is!!!

Rocking Retro. It’s all about 70s for this look. Anne’s already posing even when they’re still fixing the clothes. Emote!

Dresses from Plains and Prints are always so classy. It fits all types of women and I love that you can wear them during casual days and even when you need to be a bit dressy for work or events.

Congratulations Anne and Plains and Prints! That’s what I call a Perfect Partnership. Now that you’ve seen the BTS photos, it’s time to check out some of the pictures that will be published!

Amazing collection right? Plains and Prints is also inviting everyone to visit the Shangri-La Plaza Mall boutique on June 19, 6pm onwards, until June 22 for the pre-fall preview, where you can shop in advance! You can check out the collections: Fleur De Lis, California Dreamin’, Up Town Girl and Flights of Fancy. It’s going to be released on June 26 so if you want to be one of the firsts to check out their new collection, don’t forget to visit this Shangri-la branch this Thursday. Like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram too. Happy shopping! BMS.

Ecru Nail Spa

I was very lucky to be chosen to do the ribbon cutting at Ecru Nail Spa with the owners during their grand opening a few weeks ago. As soon as I entered the place I knew their nail salon is all about relaxation and pampering the guests. The place looks so cozy and classy!

One thing about me you guys don’t know: I love going to nail spa salons. I love changing my nail polish every week because I really love playing with colours! I always have a hard time choosing what shade I’d want to use next.

Sadly, I didn’t have any decent photo of the ribbon cutting ceremony but it was followed by a short blessing after inside the store.

They specialize in CND spa mani and pedi and use only CND spa products for their spa services. In fairness, they really have a lower price compared to other nail spas that use the same product! I’ve tried using CND before and it’s really a stress reliever. Foot spas are wonderful- don’t you just love the feeling after they clean and massage it?

Amazing food set up.

CND salt scrub and CND foot mask = best combination after! You’ll have that minty cool feeling after and it’s just so heavenly! Ahhhh, I want a foot spa right now!

They also use OPI top coats and base coats for all their mani and pedi services with NO ADDED CHARGE. I think this is the best thing ever. There are a lot of nail salons that you think are cheaper but when you compute everything (plus base/top coat, nail polish, etc), you realise it’s actually expensive.

They have a second floor for massages and waxing. Love the ambiance of this room!

Of course I got a mani/pedi for myself. I also found out all their tools are 100% UV sterilized and they open a fresh pack of steri-pouch in front of you to assure hygiene and safety. They also give freebies like a buffer kit and toe separators to the clients for future use. Love it! Can you guess what nail polish shade I chose?

I really loved how well they cleaned my nails and how soft and dirt-free it feels after. For me, you really need a nice and relaxing place when you go to a nail salon because it’s supposed to be all about pampering and unwinding. Ecru Nail Spa is all about giving you the best treatments ever! I love the ambiance of the room- it’s like you can fall asleep any moment.

Congratulations to the entire Ecru Nail Spa owners and thank you for inviting me to your grand opening. I had a great time and now my nails look lovely! Visit them at 75-D Nicanor Roxas st. corner Banawe Ave, Quezon City. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram too! BMS.