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(Fabczhik necklace/ bracelets/ ring, Next Jeans top/ shorts, Binky Doodles vest, Love Eyecandy bag, Comfit heels)

I don’t normally post this many photos on one blog post, but if it’s Tricia Gosingtian taking your outfit for the day- you just don’t know what shots to choose because everything looks absolutely amazing. There’s something about her photos that’s one of a kind. She took this outfit when we did a video shoot together.¬†Good thing Next Jeans has this top and shorts that jive together and is absolutely comfy for me to move around while on set. The top itself is so lovely with its decorative collar. Sometimes, tiniest details are the most important ones. This top is so plain but has a lot of surprises. Also, I love how I got this pair of plain shorts too. When I peeked inside my shorts cabinet, I realized I had a lot of printed ones and didn’t have a lot of plain ones, so this really was a good purchase. Denim shorts are a must in every girl’s closet. To make my look more interesting, I wore this printed vest. Lastly, I love the fact that this classy bag added spice to my outfit. Seriously, this bag is so useful- my laptop and everything else I need fits inside! Perfect for school, work or meetings. BMS.