Break My Style | Embellishments


 I’m in love with the embellishments on my dress.
 Fayeness Shop rings, Extreme Finds fringe bangle, Bubbles thick bangle
(Unarosa dress, Rafe clutch, Angel shoes)

This was what I wore to three events last Wednesday. The embellishments on my purple dress were so eye-catching, I think almost everyone complimented the dress. Good thing I was able to shop last Tuesday. As soon as I saw this dress in Unarosa- I knew I had to buy it. And I got even more surprised when I saw that it was 50% off! How can you put this lovely dress on sale??
As usual, for big events, I chose less accessories and just focused on the dress (and in this case, the shoes too). BMS.
Photos by: Genellane Go


    1. cez :)

      gorgeous! :)
      ate laureen, can i ask for ur fashion tips on what to wear with dark blue bandage skirt? i decided to wear it wear black sleeveless. i want to wear black tights to cover up my scars. is it ok? what kind of tights should i wear with it? hope you can reply po. thank you :)

    2. existingstyle

      I really check your blogs everyday but this is the first time that I leave a comment. I always LOVE YOUR OUTFIT.

      Yeah, I agree that you lose some weight. Just stay healthy!