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The Quiet Riot sunnies

H&M hat

SM Accessories necklace

Vorosha top

H&M vest

Celine bag

Sleeh boots

I haven’t really worn this type of clothing for the longest time.. and no, I don’t mean the skater skirt (I’m obviously in skater skirts at least twice a week hahaha), I’m talking about printed tees. I can’t even remember the last time I wore a t-shirt for a blog post but my mind instantly changed and I wanted to wear tees again after I saw this amazing shirt from Vorosha. The print really made the entire look edgy! I don’t know if there’s actually a deeper meaning with regards to the print, but it’s so nice and you’ll really notice it even from afar. It actually looks better even without the vest, but of course, the more layers you wear, the more experimental you get- and Break My Style is all about experimenting! Naks meh ganon hahaha! It was also my first time wearing boots with this kind of length while matching it with a skirt. I usually go for leggings or short shorts for that grunge look, but pairing it with a skirt doesn’t seem bad at all.. in fact, it made the look more trendy than my usual lazy/ relaxed look when I’m in shorts. Love it! BMS.


    1. Lourine

      Agree! When you ask me about Laureen’s or BMS fashion, the word edgy and experimental are the words that first come in my mind :)

    2. Lourine

      The reason and an outfit shot? I will try. Hehe. you know what, I get “kilig” because I felt like you wanted me to be featured. Like you invited me. Haha. Feeler ko lang.