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Balmain sunglasses

Push Thru top

Celine bag

Push Thru pants

Senso booties

So what do you do when you’re too lazy to put on make up in another country? Wear sunglasses. Big ones. Pardon me if I didn’t have the time to put make up on- we were still jet lagged from our Paris trip and had to wake up early to do something. Anyway, I was really challenged on what to wear in Dubai since the dress code is very strict plus we went there during Ramadan. I tried researching on what to wear when you’re in Dubai but only found little help. Good thing I brought this cute top and pants from Push Thru. The semi crop top is the perfect fabric because it’s light and breezy to wear. The studs on the side make it look more edgy and the awkward cropped cut is perfect for my height too! I personally love the design- I think it’s edgy but the colors and flowers around the skull still make it look a bit feminine. What a good combo, right? Now, from afar you might think this is just a normal pair of jeans, but if look closely, it’s actually leather in front and denim on the back. I seldom find jeans that fit perfectly on me, so this one’s a winner! Since it’s very hot in Dubai (and when I say hot, I mean burning hot), we’d spend most of our time inside the mall so I always brought with me a jacket just so I’m more covered. It challenges me to know I can wear everything I want to in a specific country- and I love it! BMS.


    1. Grethel

      Beautiful even without make-up, BTW Thanks for responding earlier.. I appreciated. I always admire your edgy look, an effortless and comfy, perfect when no time to think what to wear. :)

    2. Lorena Martínez

      Amazing look! Love the skull shirt specially the studs, and these pants. Pant´s brand in new for me they seem good materialAT LEAST fits you very well :) wear sunglasses is good specially with this warm weather but i think it´s no neccessary do it to cover a nude face. Not wear make up is beaty and natural :) .
      Greets from spain!

    3. Lourine

      Ooh. SO Dubai is really strict when it comes to dress code? What will they do if someone didn’t obey? Curiosity :)