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Gera Online necklace

Enna dress

Luscious Closet tiger bracelet

Maria Clothing white bangle

YSL bag

Charlotte Olympia heels

In every wardrobe, you should always have a backless dress- just in case of emergencies. All I’m saying is that sometimes, the most beautiful details aren’t always in front. It’s one of the most sought after versatile dress that can make you look sexy in an instant. It looks stunning when worn by women because it highlights the slender back area that makes a woman look thinner. The thought of wearing this dress from Enna has always been appealing to me. When I think of classic looks, it’s always LBDs, but why not make it more chic and trendy? This piece is such an eye-catcher- it draws attention to the curves of a woman and the design is simple yet stunning. The extra dramatic fabric on the side makes me feel like a princess every time I walk. Seriously, it makes my legs look longer for some reason. And even if it does hide my legs a bit, it still looks unbelievably sexy, don’t you think? It’s an easy way to show an unexpected bit of skin. BMS.


    1. Shaira Manalo

      Seriously this is my favorite look! I really love it! Chic, edgy, everything! <3