Break My Style | Diagonal










Rue Gembon necklace/ bangle

Van Vogue Manila top

Chanel bag

Van Vogue Manila skirt

Alexander McQueen heels

It seems like everywhere I go and every radio station I listen to- it’s all about Christmas, which is a wonderful thing. Christmas is my favorite holiday and I’ve been feeling the Yuletide spirit everywhere! I’ve been living inside the malls these past few days looking for perfect presents for friends/ family and have been attending parties almost every night! The only bad thing about this season is the traffic hahaha. Anyway, I wore this Van Vogue Manila apparel last week when I attended a party. I really love the fit and fabric of this top. I love how it’s not just an ordinary cropped top and that one side is intentionally designed like that to make the top look edgier. I’m so addicted to cropped tops! The skirt is really something too- you’ll notice it even from afar. I like how the diagonal stripes meet in the middle of the skirt and how the sheer fabric is longer than the actual mini skirt inside. This is my version of a trendy yet a bit classy black and white ensemble. I swear, Jo Beth (the designer/ owner of Van Vogue Manila) is so talented! They’re actually doing custom-made designs for clients too. BMS.