Break My Style | Denim On Denim

Denim On Denim











Nectar sunglasses

Glazey Mode necklace

Guess top/ jeans

Givenchy bag

Guess bracelets

Chestbox shoes

“What is your wardrobe essential?” Every time I’m invited for a talk, this is usually the question people ask me and my answer will always be the same- You gotta have basics in your closet. Now, you might ask me why this is my opening sentence– it’s because what I’m wearing today are pieces I consider basics and are must-haves in your wardrobe. Denim pieces will never be out of style. They were there way back even when our moms and dads weren’t born yet. A denim-on-demin  look never fails me. People usually think it’s hard to pull off and it’s weird but it’s actually such a nice ensemble! A loose polo and incredibly comfy jeans are the way to go. Can I just tell you, it’s really hard to find the right pair of jeans, and I fell in love with this one from Guess. It’s like the jeans are made to fit everyone’s legs perfectly. To make the look more feminine, I wore these incredibly comfy heels from Chestbox. I used to own a pair of white pointy pumps months ago but it was so painful that I couldn’t bare walking after 20 minutes. I threw them away right after getting these ones, not only does it look amazingly stylish with the shiny silver ankle straps, but you can just walk in them all day. This is what you call a winner: comfort and quality combined. BMS.



    1. Lourine

      It doesn’t look denim-on-denim on my first look. But when I realized it, it is pretty cool… not your boring kind of denim pieces. I also like how the bag stands out :)

    2. Hazel Joy Jimenez

      nice.. simple.. fresh.. clean and the bag.. it gave an awesome pop of color to the whole ensemble!!!