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Cut Outs








(Shop Akira dress, A Boutique necklaces, Chanel bag, Island Girl bangle, TLTSN shoes)

This peek-a-boo dress from Shop Akira is extremely adorable. This dress can make you look curvier because of the inward cuts towards the belly part. I actually wore this for my guesting on Myx Channel because I knew it would make me look thinner on TV. For me, cutout dresses have been everyone’s favorite- especially when it comes to showing off toned bellies (I’m not saying mine is toned hahaha). I paired my outfit with these neon necklaces from A Boutique. We all know that neons are my favorite. It’s loud and will not escape the attention of anyone. The colors of these layered necklaces are radiating and fun. I’m really hooked on neon electric hues. The fringe + spike combination really worked, plus it really made the entire look more vibrant. BMS.