Break My Style | Cross and Arrows

Cross and Arrows










H&M hat

Flattering Tops top

SM Accessories necklace

Alexander Wang bag

Be Like A Star leggings

Das heels

Black. White. Red. I love these colors. It makes my get up look extremely edgy all the time. I know I tend to experiment with my looks a lot- but I’ll always be in love with edgy pieces. When I attend events or when I have TV guestings, I’m usually in floral or girly pieces. Like I said before, I style myself differently when I’m on tv and when it’s for my blog. When I dress up for my blog or everyday wear- I can express myself with my clothes in every way I can. I’m extremely addicted to loose tops, especially this one from Flattering Tops. They have the nicest printed pieces! I love the combination of the graphic bird and arrows- especially when matched with this pair of cross leggings. I think it’s because of the loose arm hole that makes it look extra funky/ street style. And because my clothes are just black and white, I wore red pumps and made the color of my lips pop for a hint of hotness. BMS.


    1. Kc

      Rockstar chic. Love your shoes. :)
      I posted our pic last BU 5 on my page. Thank you Laur. It was a great experience indeed ♥