Break My Style | Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

(SM Accessories necklace/ ring, Fashion Galore top, My Everyday Fashion bag, H&M pants, Miu Miu shoes)

When you see this get up, no doubt that you’ll definitely feel good. It reminds me so much of cotton candies and carnivals- random right? Basta happy thoughts all the way! It was raining all day but I didn’t want my mood to be gloomy so I opted for a colorful (but light) covered look. And because the colors were pastels- I chose to break the ice by wearing this UK heart-shaped bag. I swear, I’ve been dying to own one for the longest time so when I saw it at My Everyday Fashion, I got one right away. It’s something so small but absolutely stunning. Of course, I just had to match my nails with the bag too (thank you Beauty and Butter for this hehe). There’s just something about UK flags that make them look too cute to resist. It’s perfect for a night out too- at least you won’t worry that your stuff will get flat because it’s hard shell- plus you can fit everything in it too! Lastly, I wore these shiny glitter shoes to give the look some sparkle and shimmer. BMS.