Break My Style | Corsets and Shorts

Corsets and Shorts

(H&M sunnies, WAGW hat, vintage corset and vest, Topshop shorts, Andre Chang heels)
It was my first time matching a cropped corset and high waist shorts together. Can you sense I’m on summer mode already? haha. I just finished my cover shoot for last Tuesday- I was actually shocked and thrilled when they said they wanted me to be part of their cover story for May! Thank you so much Nicola Sebastian and Liz Anne Bautista. BMS.


    1. nika_laxamana09

      you’re probably not gonna be able to read this, but i hope you do! i really like your blog and your style and everything, haha! i know that sounds corny and stuff but its true! and you’re gorgeous! and i love love love youuu! keep it up! and btw, what brand is your lipstick? haha! xx