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SM Accessories necklace/ bangles

The Closet Goddess matching top/ bottom

Sugarfree x Laureen Uy heels

I got inspired by a fairy tale story when I  was thinking of an outfit for this Sugarfree x Laureen Uy platform heels. Well, it’s not really the typical old school fairy tale story because these angel prints are wearing 3D glasses. Hahaha. Anyway, I love the color and style of this top- lavender is actually one of my favorite colors and I think it’s obvious on this post. People actually think it’s a dress, but it’s two separate pieces put together. The top can actually be more cropped- ma try nga next time! I chose playful and fun colors to pair with these shoes- this is actually my favorite pair among all the shoes I’ve designed. The strappy heels + the multiple colors are surely for those who really love being bubbly and vibrant all day. I tried this with lavender top and skirt with angels on print. I love how the color and prints fall and blend with each other.

To order these Sugarfree x Laureen Uy Lizelle Multi Color heels, click HERE. BMS.