Break My Style | Colors


(Crossings top, Bubbles left arm bangles/ ring, Extreme Finds right arm bracelets, SM Accessories belt, Luscious Closet shorts, Sebago shoes)

High waist shorts. I am so sorry if I’ve been wearing high waist shorts this whole week, they’re just unbelievably comfy! I promise to try and experiment again next week. I just had to share my last pair of wonderful polka-dot shorts last week from Luscious Closet. It’s blue-white combination makes it so easy to pair everything with it- not to mention you can fold it up it’s you think it’s long (and since I’m petite, I did). I actually think folding it and letting the pockets show made a huge difference. I really wanted to wear it with a polka dot polo top but I’ve none so I just got two colored cropped tops from my closet and layered it. 

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