Break My Style | Color Block

Color Block

(Girls Are Weird necklace, Shop Bella dress, Alexander Mcqueen belt, Jhajing bangle, Bagfull bag, Feet for a Queen heels)

Presenting this great dress I found from Shop Bella. The neckline cut make my arms look really thin, plus wearing a belt really showed my figure. And have you noticed the design at the back as well? Okay, it’s not really a design but the hole makes it look sexier. Isn’t this dress wonderful? Perfect for day and night wear. I wanted to add a little spice so I paired it with this neon bag from Bagfull. Yellow + pink bag= a heart stopping combination for me. Aside from that fact that it’s a dazzling bag (because of its colors), you can also use this as a sling bag. Plus you’d be really surprised how you can fit so many things inside this bag. To complete my entire look, I wore these suede + patent heels. Isn’t it one of a kind? I love how people play around with it by putting their hand in the middle of the heel. I was scared to wear them at first, thinking it’s not stable, etc but seriously it’s just like any other pair of heels- the only difference is the design is better. BMS.