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Cake hat and sweater

Chloe bag

skater skirt

Berca Shoe Store sneakers

I went to China last month with my family for some bonding time. When we’re in Manila, we’re seldom complete because everyone’s busy with work, that’s why we try to travel at least once or twice a year just so we can all take a break from work and get together. I knew it was going to be cold in China so I brought sweaters and jackets with me. The weather was perfect- not too cold but cool enough so we can layer clothes. Since we never really get this kind of weather in Manila, I brought my Cake sweater that I’ve been wanting to wear for the longest time. The print is extraordinarily beautiful and unique. It’s one of my favorite sweaters already! The fabric’s really comfortable too, so you’ll be warm and relaxed the entire time. Now, a lot of people ask me if sneaker wedges are really worth buying.. and I say yes. I wore my Berca Shoe Store sneaker wedges in China and literally wore it the whole day without my feet hurting even one bit. For a petite person like me, sneaker wedges are really my saviour. It adds more height and doesn’t make your feet feel painful. I love this pair because of it’s style and color mix. The metallic silver made it extra edgy too. Also, a part of all Berca Shoe Store sales until the end of 2013 will be donated to the victims of Yolanda. Proceeds will be given to the Philippine Red Cross. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone- make yourself happy and you get to help out pa! 

Speaking of sneakers- let’s talk about what’s a nice gift for guys this Christmas. If your loved one is a basketball fanatic (and if you are too), I suggest you buy Lebron 11 Miami Nights. You can see hot examples of other Lebron 11 sneakers here. I used to be a basketball varsity back in high school and Lebron was one of my idols back then! He’s such a good player, right? Anyway, I think this pair of basketball shoes is awesome and the style is rocking! This unique style code uses black carbon fiber Hyperposite panels to increase the visual effect of the design, together with silver contrast to create a futuristic appearance. What an amazing pair.


    1. Miss Eliza WonDerland

      Love the sweater, the colour and pattern is so unique!


      Miss Eliza WonDerland

    2. Lourine

      wow! As in wow! Haha. I know how hard it is kasi to play since I joined our department’s basketball varsity. Now you are very kikay! Kikay and athletic? Nice combo :)