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New shoes from F&H by Andre Chang. xx


    1. Caitlyn

      OMG I JUST DIED! Plsssss have mercy, pls inform us on how we could order from Andre Chang plssssss! THOSE SHOES ARE TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please please please any infos on how to order those clogs will make me the happiest girl in the woooorld thank you thank you thank you! (if those are available on-hand at F&H stores or only for pre-order or whatever)

    2. Laureen Uy

      Hey guys they’re only selling the ones that they used during the f&h fashion show until it’s sold out. You can find it in their office outlet in QC. They’re no selling it in their actual stores. :)

    3. Caitlyn

      Hi laureen! OMG you replied, thank you!!!!! Outlet in in the one in Q.Ave, THE f&h outlet store in q.ave? OMG susugod akooooo doooooon!!!!!! Thank you for replying! :)