Break My Style | Christmas Time

Christmas Time

(Louis Vuitton shades, Zara blazer, Pink Manila lace top, Jag jeans, Marc Jacobs bag, Christian Louboutins shoes)

It’s December already so I’m feeling the Christmas-y vibe- hence the green blazer and red shoes. After class, I hung out with Nicole Andersson, a very close friend who just came back from San Francisco. It was supposed to be an afternoon date but we ended up seeing everyone else and played beer pong. Good thing I had extra shorts in the car. 
Tip: It’s always good to leave extra clothes in the car in case of emergency. In my case, I have extra shoes, clothes and accessories. BMS.


    1. Anonymous

      hi laureen!!! u look a lot like ur sister Liz when ur wearing shades and a pony tail hair styly. :)

    2. Anonymous

      So why’d you erase the fake Louboutin comments? I think their comments should prod you to verify their claims. They weren’t mean, just concerned.

    3. Anonymous

      weren’t mean?what? you just said her shoes are fake dear…

      All shoes fades esp if your using the shoes almost everyday. Hello!

      Bags fades. Everything fades.

      Ohe more thing! Laureen knows her shoes is original coz she bought it at authentic louboutin store.

      if you don’t believe thats is your problem basta ORIGINAL SAPATOS NIYA.


    4. Anonymous

      I don’t think u appreciate the comments? why? because i think I’m entitled to my own opinion and u should take it as a constructive criticism for ur Blog.. the suede Louboutins ur wearing shouldn’t fade if their the real deal coz they only use the best materials for u or anyone to be purchasing a $1,000 plus worth of shoe…

    5. Anonymous

      Echosera ka te. Why? Do you even have a pair of Louboutins? Is that why you’re so confident in saying that Lau’s pair is fake? Galing mo naman. Ikaw na ang fashion expert! Clap clap.

    6. Anonymous

      I don’t know the jibberish word u just said there?? to answer ur question if i own one? well,yes i do own a pair of knee high boots..but Im more into comfy shoes so Im more drawn to ballet flats (Lanvin ones since they have pads inside their sole) and wedge (chloe ones/also pads on their sole)..
      Being sister w/ liz uy doesn’t deter me to say anything about fashion,just an FYI.just because u work in a per se ”Fashion Industry”doesn’t make u a fashion expert yourself.u probably just buy magazines and copy their ideas their.
      Listen sweeetie..If i see u styling someone Famous outside the country then I’ll ”Bow Down” to u… in ur case thats probably,ummm..”Never” … Fakey Breaky My Style My ASS!!

    7. Anonymous

      like what ive said before—> EVERYTHING FADES!!! kahit gaano ka mahal ang sapatos mo, damit,gamit lahat nag fafade kahit sobra mo siya iniingatan.

      Ang kulay nga ng bahay nag fafade kahit sobrang mahal na pintura ng bahay mo the color of the house still fades….

      everything fades dear. EVERYTHING.

      Crazy mo girl. Yun lang..


    8. Anonymous

      Hate her?? why should i,I actually admire her that she’s gutsy enough on taking an upclose photo on her ”Fake” Louboutins.

      –>Valid reason # 1..Look at the left side of the shoe,right next to where the heel is,part of it is peeking out.maybe the place where u bought it forgot to put an extra glue on..
      #2… Edge of your Louboutins should be seamless no rough edges(talking about the left side,right next to the heel)…

      Theirs nothing wrong,wearing a knock off shoes,i just made a comment and everything was blown out of proportion… I guess to end all of this i should stop commenting coz im getting tired about the bickering.It’s just a shoe for christ sake.

      I must say,thanks for not cussing on ur comment coz if it happened to me?? you’ll probably see a couple of ”F” words their.Still Love ur Blog… ”Truce”?!!

    9. Anonymous

      BITTER KA TEH. :) Okay ikaw ang panalo.. Clap! clap! Clap!

      Ikaw kasi nag comment ka pa. Less talk less mistake..

    10. Trish G.

      It is very insulting to tell her her shoes are fake. I’m a girl and I know how it feels.

      All her bags and shoes in her other posts explains that its original. And all this debating is such a waste of time so let’s just end it.

    11. karen

      bakit naman may bitter dito ang dami pang alam! hahaha guys just let it go expert eh. hehe siya kasi gumagawa ng shoes na yan kaya alam nya.. hehe truce truce ka pa jan teh.. truce mo fez mo! kaloka ka