Break My Style | Christmas Outfit Idea: Red and Ready

Christmas Outfit Idea: Red and Ready










999 copy

Zara blazer

Juicy Couture bag and bracelets

Juicy Couture pants

Alexander Wang heels

15 days to go until Christmas! I’m sure you guys have a lot of parties to go to and sometimes we’re quite unsure what to wear. Even I get confused most of the time! A lot of the get-together dinners have specific themes, but if there’s none, why not dress chic and still be in the spirit of Christmas! If you really want to feel the holiday vibe, why not wear a red and white ensemble? It’s striking and can turn heads your way too. It’s really a happy color and they say it’s for good luck. It’s very hard to find this specific type of shade in pants, that’s why I’m happy I found one in Juicy Couture. For a touch of another color, I made it subtle my wearing this mini sling bag too. It’s small but you can put so many things inside! Very convenient for night parties. 

And this holiday season, Juicy Couture made sure to make your looks more glamorous by making their clothes luxe with couture-like details with an effortless street style so you can look amazing this season.  Their collection explores soft, romantic tones and punk-like vibes so everyone can have a perfect attire. I’ll be sharing my shopping experience inside the Juicy Couture store soon but for now, here are some of the items I got from them. BMS.


    1. NEECEE

      Sophisticated & lively!
      Christmas is indeed in the air w/ this ootd.! Even if the pants looks kinda sporty, you’ve created a classic chic ready to party! Thanks for the tips Pretty Lady!


      So Gorgeous! Ganda nga ng red for christmas! (bihira ako mag red pero I will try!) Btw I love your eyes :’)