Break My Style | Christmas in Hong Kong

Christmas in Hong Kong









SM Accessories beanie

Luscious Closet top

Romwe jacket

Celine bag

Marks and Spencer leggings

Tretorn rubber shoes

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas? Go to the happiest place on Earth- Disneyland!!! I know I’m not a kid anymore, but no matter what age you are- you’ll still enjoy and have the time of your life when your inside this magical world. I spent the day there with my family and we had such a fantastic time riding the safe rides (I don’t think my mom and dad are still game for Space Mountain haha). We really had plans to stay until late to watch the fireworks, so I made sure I’m all warm and comfortable. The weather was perfect in Hong Kong (14-17 degrees cold) so I didn’t have to layer so much- one jacket was fine. One thing’s for sure: When you’re going to a carnival or a theme park, and in my case Disneyland, make sure you’re wearing your comfiest pair of shoes ever. I can’t wait to share with you guys what we did in Disneyland! More photos and stories on my next post. BMS. 


    1. Alfred Torrino

      Omyghaad , cool ng pag ka pair nung jacket sa lbd?, pwede pala siya haha ngayon kulang kasi nalaman thank you ate laureen!


    2. Jm dongsao

      You look like a cute kiddo in your outfit Ate Laureen :) looking forward for so many many outfits from you…I hope I have a chance to see you in person!!! GodBless po :)

    3. MJ Orolfo

      Hi ate laureen, simple lang po ng outfit pero ang lakas po ng dating! Ang cool tingnan!! Ate 5’9 ang height ko ano po mga bagay na outfit sakin pag casual attire po? hope u reply thanks!

      • Laureen Uy

        Super daming bagay sayo with your model height! Kahit mag t shirt and shorts ka nga lang eh! Hehehe! :)

    4. ianne

      you look like a kid po, ate lau :) cutieeee ! grabe. 14-17 degrees with one jacket lang? kering keri ? hehehe.

    5. erika

      Hi ms. Laureen,
      What’s the model of your camera? can’t search the one you said sony 2600 with 35 mm eh. thanks. more power to you. :)