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I know, I know, this is a very late post. It’s actually a month old already, but better late than never right? Here’s what I wore to my birthday dinner with my family. I seldom wear pants but since it’s colder in Manila nowadays (especially at night), I’m getting the hang of it. Wearing a cute top and a pair of jeans on a Sunday is a nice idea because I can go straight from church to dinner without changing. I’m so in love with this WAGW exclusives collection top, the cut outs make me feel like it’s such a luxurious piece of clothing when in fact, it’s so affordable! It may seem simple from afar, but when you look closely to the details like this top with my necklace (that’s totally gorgeous by the way), you’ll realise it’s not so simple after all. Emerald is the color of the year and I told myself I’ll use this tone more and make the most out of it before the year ends. The gold, pearl and emerald crystals make the necklace look so classy. What’s nice about statement necklaces? You don’t need to put so much effort on your clothes because even if you pair them with just a simple tee and shorts, they’ll make your ensemble look rocking- just like this necklace I got from Shopping Depot. BMS.


    1. Kay

      Hi Laureen,

      First thing that comes ouT in my mouth when i first saw this blog is: “oh my god, The same styling like camille co!” Same top and bag ! You jusT wore it in jeans and she paired it with shorTs! :) )

      Anyhoo, this is my first ever comment in your blog! Belated happy birthday! Are You going to bloG your surprise birthday party?

      I know you’re enjoying Kl cuz of champ! Yikeeee!!! ^^

      • Laureen Uy

        Cool! Feel free to comment anytime ;) hehehe.

        Won’t be blogging about my surprise birthday, didn’t bring a cam since I didn’t know there was going to be a party for me! Haha

    2. Lourine

      It’s Miss Kryz’s design, right? Nice naman! How does it feel wearing the design of one of your blogger besties? :)

    3. janelle

      It’s so cool how The cutouts on your top contrast with the Pattern in the background. :)