Break My Style | Checkmate









SM Accessories necklace/ bangles/ ring

SheInside dress

Abby Jocson bag

Sugarfree heels

I started falling in love with checkered prints again after I saw Louis Vuitton’s spring 2013 collection. It was a hard one finding it here in Manila, I just couldn’t seem to find the right one until I laid my eyes on this black & white dress from SheInside. I personally adore the cut of the dress, it intentionally didn’t give me any shape- that’s why I love it.  The sleeves fell right above my elbows, making it look extra chic and elegant. It really adds to the style and boldness of the whole ensemble. Of course, I just had to use this checkered bag from Abby Jocson as well… Checkmate.

I also wanted to share with you guys this website I found about diamond buyers information. I usually just buy accessories online or the affordable ones, but I got impressed when I read their web page- they specialize in buying diamonds directly from the public! So just in case you want to sell some of your diamonds rings/ necklaces, you can contact them easily. Usually it’s the other way around, we buy items online. Cool, right? BMS.



    1. Kerz

      Speechless always with your fashion sense Ms. Lau! How I wish I have the talent on experimenting my style just way you do. ;)